Travel Packing Tip to Save Time & Combat Hunger

Thanks go to Sheila O’Connor for this travel-packing tip:

“I always take an electric heating coil in my bag.  It costs less than $20 from Magellans or Travelsmith. This lets me heat water so I can have oatmeal (should I want to miss breakfast on a press trip because I’d rather sleep), soup, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc., there in my room. I take the food packets with me. It’s also handy if you arrive late in a town, and everything is closed, or you just want something quick (and cheap) to eat in your room. My heating coil is dual-voltage so it works anywhere there’s electricity. And you don’t need to rely on the hotel providing you with a coffee maker because you have your own (assuming you bring some instant coffee).”

Sheila O’Connor

(Do you have a travel tip to share?  Send it to the BATW Website Editor, April Orcutt, at  Thanks.)


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