From the Board: Suzie Rodriguez

Round #2 of Credentialing Begins November 1

by Suzie Rodriguez
Beginning November 1, applications will be accepted for General members who wish to become a Credentialed General member.
As many of you know, BATW’s credential program is geared toward General members who can demonstrate that they continue to meet the original membership criteria.
One of the benefits of being a Credentialed General member is this: Associate members can quickly ascertain that you are a currently productive member of the press. Thus, Credentialed General members may have a better chance of receiving invitations to limited-attendance press trips, hosted lunches or cocktail meetings offered to BATW Another benefit: Credentialed General members can opt to receive a press card.
The benefits for members without a credential have not changed. General members have a detailed directory presence; an online forum where members communicate and where press trips, conferences, and member and industry news are announced; a Facebook page for showcasing members’ work; voting rights and invitations to all monthly meetings. (Press trip invitations are at the discretion of the host.) All General members also receive a membership card, to which a photo can be affixed and laminated.
There are two annual open enrollment/application periods–November and May, with the subsequent month allocated for vetting and approval. All applicants will be notified of their status at the end of the subsequent month.
We’ll provide details on the credentialing process via email later in October.


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