From the Board – May 2014

Twice-Yearly Credentialing Begins May 1

Non-credentialed General members able to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for membership are invited to apply for Credentialed status beginning May 1. Here’s how:

  1. Check to be sure that you are not currently credentialed (we ask, because half a dozen people credentialed in the first round re-applied in the second application period; Credentialed membership lasts two years). You can find out by viewing the list of members who are currently credentialed. If you are not on that list, then you are not credentialed and may apply (and if you are not on that list and should be, let me or Tom Wilmer know!).
  2. On or after May 1, send an email to both Tom Wilmer ( and Suzie Rodriguez ( requesting an application form.
  3. Fill out the form and return it to us, by email only, no later than May 31, the cut-off date for applying.
  4. Newly-credentialed members will be announced in June; at that time they will receive instructions for ordering press cards.

One of the benefits of being a Credentialed General member is that CVBs, PR Associates, media outlets, event hosts and peers can quickly ascertain that you are currently a productive member of the press. That’s because the word “Credentialed” appears beside your photo in the Member Directory, and is included on the BATW website page that lists all Credentialed Members.
Credentialed General members sometimes have a better chance of receiving invitations to limited-attendance press trips, hosted lunches or cocktail meetings offered to BATW. Credentialed General members are also entitled to receive a press card.
General members without credentials have a detailed directory presence; an online forum where members communicate and where press trips, conferences, and member and industry news are announced; a Facebook page for showcasing their work; full voting rights; and invitations to all monthly meetings. All General members also receive a membership card, to which a photo can be affixed and laminated.
There are two annual open enrollment/application periods–November and May, with the subsequent month allocated for vetting and approval.
Also, we want to remind everyone about our BATW Facebook page. More and more of us are using it, which makes it fun and informative. The bigger the party, the more fun we’ll have. Please join in!
—Suzie Rodriguez, Vice President/Membership


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