“Riding a Wild River in Glacier National Park” – by Susan Cohn

In a recent column in the San Mateo Daily Journal, Susan Cohn recaptured her experience in wild-river rafting. See the lead below, or read the entire story online: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/article_preview.php?type=arts&title=Susan‘s%20Travels%20Tours%20+%20Trips&id=1750341
“Bonecrusher. Could Be Trouble. Jaws. Certainly not terms normally associated with vacation. But, after all, vacation should mean getting your mind off the day to day, and when you white-water raft on one of Montana’s famous wild rivers, these colorfully named rapids mean you have a whole lot more to think about than that stack of paperwork back on your desk. As your raft picks up speed heading down a spectacular stretch of the Middle Fork of the Flathead River along the edge of Glacier National Park, your guide’s admonitions about what to do if you end up in the river instead of on it make it abundantly clear that what lies ahead is not Splash Mountain and that the churning, unpredictable liquid roller coaster is about to get up close and personal. And what a rush it is. Not to worry (much), just get a tight grip on your paddle, do what your guide tells you, and, well, see you at the end of the run.”


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