"U.S. Bicycle Hall of Fame" – by Stephanie Levin

Stephanie Levin recently posted her story on the U.S. Bicycle Hall of Fame on Examiner.com. “I didn’t know there was a Bicycle Hall of Fame until I went with BATW to Davis in April, toured the museum and found both the history and the bicycles dating from 1879 to the present fascinating. Nor did I realize women competed.” Stephanie was also amazed to see a bicycle like the one she rode growing up “eons ago,” she says.
On another note, she also published a piece for the KQED blog titled “Is Technology Changing Your Brain.” Here’s the background: “We are all inundated with technology and multitasking. I hear all the time how frazzled and truncated this all feels. Because I also work in education, I began to notice a difference in how students focus if they are attached to technology 7/24 and if they are not. There are a great number of studies on this, not with students per se, but with people in general. I have given workshops on how the use of technology affects the way we read and research, both important for readers and writers, and I was asked to do a piece for the blog.” So, check out the post here: http://www.kqed.org/esl. (Ed. Note: Also see Karen Misuraca’s “From the Board” column here.)


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