"Beverages and Collaboration" – by Karen Misuraca

Thanks to Karen Misuraca, who reported on our Oct.20 BATW meeting:
Following a hearty buffet of breakfast treats, President Ginny Prior called the meeting to order at 11 a.m. As we met at Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts, where beverage and mixology education takes place, she presented Martha Stewart recipes for Halloween libations, including Brain hemorrhage and Witches Brew. Boothby proprietor H. Joseph Ehrmann concocted a lively, seasonally inspired tequila and pomegranate vodka punch for the group, and talked about his Elixir bar in the Mission, which is the second-oldest continually operating bar in the city. At Boothby, he presents classes for professionals and for consumers, on mixology terminology, tools, recipes and techniques.
Ginny thanked Stu Wilson (pictured on homepage) and others for their monumental contribution to the completion of the bylaws revisions, which are now posted online. She noted that nominations and elections for the Board of Directors are coming up, and that Erin is stepping down as Program Chairman [Ed. Note: See the President’s message for the latest news here]. Erin described the duties and the realities of the job; a sign-up sheet was sent around. Volunteers are advised that nearly the entire meeting schedule for 2013 is already set, making this an easy task for the new chair.
The Nov.10 (note the date) meeting will be at the Asian Art Museum; museum passes will be available, and a cafe is on-site. The topic of the meeting is “How to Promote Yourself in a Digital Age,” with a social media consultant, a PR expert and a representative from EthicalTraveler.com. Members will be notified of the location and the date of the December Christmas party. For the January meeting, Tom Wilmer and Jules Older will discuss audio journalism, at a South Bay location.
Laurie McAndish King told of the big crowd that attended the BATW anthology reading at LitCrawl; a few books were sold. Books can be purchased on BATW.org and on Amazon.com.
New member Ruby Elbogen was introduced; she is a long-time editor/journalist, and now editor of CupertinoDaily.com (Cupertino Daily News). Another new member: Dave Grietzer, a photojournalist from Sacramento. 
Suzie Rodriguez and Laurie King gave a presentation on collaboration, covering a wide variety of topics from benefits to tips for success, online resources, five ways to fail, motivation, partnership agreements, how to choose a collaborator, and much more (see the article – “Creative Collaboration” – on this month’s website for details).
The meeting was followed by a spectacular potluck lunch, and cups of the aforementioned punch.


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