From the Board – June 2012

Into Cyberspace: Expanding Your Social Media Outreach
By Karen Misuraca
BATW’s Social Media opportunities
If you haven’t been on BATW’s Yahoo Groups site (a private conversation between members) in the last few weeks, you’ve missed notice of members’ talks and events in the area; press trips, travel tips, a link to a company that converts blogs into books; Pinterest issues—and more.
On the BATW Facebook page (open to public view), members showcase their triumphs and post info about conferences and events, including such as McConahay’s story on GoNomad; Cohn’s piece on Indio; Gutenberg’s photos of Antarctica, the OWAC conference, and book/tour info. This is the place to show off your accomplishments and to get news of the travel industry. Facebook is VISUAL, so post your pics!
There are only 54 people on the BATW Linkedin site and not much discussion action, yet it’s worth stopping in here occasionally. (David Laws recently posted some info on using “Search” on Pinterest. Even if you have your own Linkedin site, you might as well get into this one too––another place to show your professional profile.
Click here to learn more about BATW’s social media sites and how to join in.

What’s going on in your Social Media world? Are you finding Google+ useful? How about Twitter and Pinterest? In my world, I’ve recently converted my BestGolfResortsofTheWorld website to a blog, because I just couldn’t get around to updating and adding to the site on a regular basis; it’s easier and faster to post on the blog, and my work gets shot into cyberspace more often. These days, if you don’t often add and change material on your website, Google won’t notice you (I still have a writer/author site: and I love Google Reader, which lists all my blogs/RSS in one place, so I can zip through them when I have time, and all those posts aren’t cluttering up my e-mail.
Resources for building your blog
If you have a blog or intend to start one, I recommend subscribing to, for posts on how to increase traffic and build an audience, creating content, tips on WordPress and more. is another good one.
The lowdown on Facebook
Do you have a Facebook author or writer page (separate from your personal page)? Here’s how to set it up.
And, here you can get a free 24-page guide to Facebook fan pages for photographers.
BATW Member blogs to check out
Lastly, in your voluminous spare time (what is that?), you may find it enlightening and educational to browse the various social media efforts of BATW members, such as Ed Hasbrouck’s “Practical Nomad” blog, which addresses travel industry issues, news and info.
Wanda Hennig produces a multi-faceted blog featuring her culinary travel adventures, and she also offers social media services, from setting up Facebook, Twitter and other media to producing content.
A Gogobot “Featured Blogger,” Dick Jordan posts daily travel news and floods his bright, appealing blog with his writings and photos. He also tweets daily and sometimes several times a day.
Hilary Kaiser’s “Thoughts and Travel of a Franco-American” blog has a charming, vintage look, and links to her new e-book, her website and her general travel blog.
Don’t miss David Laws’ spectacular Pinterest layout for his new California Gardens iPhone/Android app.
Onward, cyberspaceniks! 


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