Social Media for Writers

Here is the link to Karen Kefauver’s slides of tips and examples from the “Social Media for Writers” talk she presented at our Nov. 15 meeting at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara:
Karen says, “Writers and authors, use your social media networks to get the word out about your books, events, articles – and remember, social media is not ONLY about you! Be sure to share lots of other content that will educate, entertain and inspire your audience.”
For more tips on using social media, “Like” Karen’s Facebook page: and go to her website ( She also teaches social media classes, in person and online:
According to Karen, “I coach entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to use social media marketing to increase visibility, stand out from the competition and make money. I also offer corporate social media training. What sets me apart is my expertise in content, photos and videos due to being a freelance journalist for many years (sports, travel, business).”
Also check out: Karen can be reached at:


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