Jules and Effie Older Publish Auckland App

Husband-and-wife writing team Jules and Effin Older have just published their latest app, Auckland Insider.
Back on one of their regular visits to catch up with their New Zealand family, Jules tells BATW that Auckland Insider “started life as a (for us) reasonably conventional app: museums, attractions, restaurants, hotels and that. Then we spent a morning with Tourism Auckland and discovered they’d already created an app that had all that and more. And it was free.
“Hard to compete against free. But that freed us to do what we really wanted—to produce a personal, quirky, opinionated, funny app that looked at New Zealand through the prism of Auckland.
“In New Zealand, we have inside/outside eyes. We’re not native, so we see things fresh, but we’ve lived there long enough to understand the familiar. That split vision is what the app is about. It even has a Kiwi Quiz that should be an amusing challenge for native and visitor, alike.”  Check it out.
Speaking of free, Jules says, they have a free download code for BATWers who want to write about the app. Just send him an e-mail.


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