"Finding a New San Jose" – by Janet and Stu Wilson

“Finding a New San Jose”

by Janet and Stu Wilson
We fondly recall Dionne Warwick’s 1968 chart-topping hit, “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?”, but even back then we thought the lyrics reflected more of a nostalgia for an earlier time than an up-to-date picture of the city. The real narrative of San Jose in 1968, and subsequently we thought, was of rapid growth and suburban sprawl consuming productive orchards and fertile fields–ironically, kind of a Bay Area version of L.A.’s San Fernando Valley. Consequently, ever since, we’ve regarded San Jose as a place we drive through on our way somewhere else.

But we have changed our minds. Recently immersed in this city for a weekend, we discovered plenty of reasons to go to San Jose on purpose–and stay awhile….
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