President's Column – November, 2012

“News from the Board”
by Ginny Prior, BATW President
You get what you pay for. That adage holds true in plenty of cases, but not when it comes to BATW.
Consider the cost of 12 meetings – almost all of them featuring food and drink and stimulating speakers on subjects that keep us on top of our game. All this, for the sum of six bottles of Castle Rock pinot.
It’s clear we’ve squeezed great value out of our monthly dues, which haven’t been raised since the raising of the Titanic. So, by a unanimous vote of the Board, dues for the General membership will be $90 for 2013, with an early renewal rate on of $75 through Nov. 30 only. This extra revenue will support rising meeting costs and enhanced website search capability. Also, contrary to the rogue robo-reminder (from 2011) you may have received, BATW has phased out checks and is accepting credit cards only, please.
The good news is that Erin Caslavka has agreed to stay on and coordinate our 2013 meeting schedule. Each Board member has agreed to plan a monthly meeting for the coming year, giving Erin more time to oversee the planning and still keep her day job.
In effect, all but one current Board member has agreed to put his/her name in nomination for another term, and Stu Wilson has offered to serve as Board Parliamentarian. More than anything, this shows our continuing commitment to BATW, and proves that serving on the Board is both fruitful and fun. The names of Directors willing to continue have been put into nomination. Any of you who would like to run for the Board, please submit your name, or the name of another willing and eligible member, to Karen Misuraca, who is chairing the Nominations Committee this year. The deadline for nominations is November 20th, and the election ballot will go up on on December 1.
In your service,


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