President's Message – April 2014

“BATW’s Spring-board for Success”

In like a lion and out like a lamb. That old adage may apply to March, but it sure doesn’t describe BATW. Our April meeting is going to usher in spring with a blockbuster agenda and one of the Bay Area’s best news stories in decades – the grand opening of the Devil’s Slide trail system. Thanks to Molly Blaisdell for “killing it” with this venue, which pairs perfectly with her client – Pacifica.
That brings me to a point I want to make about BATW. In my fourth and final year as president, I’ve never been more proud of our organization. The team spirit I see on the Board and throughout the membership is contagious. We continue to be the premier regional travel journalist association in the U.S. – even North America.
The Board bonded beautifully in San Jose last weekend, meeting over two days to chart the future of BATW. We discussed a number of marketing moves, and you’ll be seeing these evolve as the year progresses.
Immediately visible is the renewed energy on the BATW Facebook page, thanks to administrator Molly Blaisdell and volunteer Carole Terwilliger Meyers. You can help promote BATW to travel journalists and the general traveling public by liking our site and posting info regularly.
And speaking of marketing – BATW is joining the green movement by updating its directory in an online-only format. The Board moved to suspend work on a print directory and promote the online directory, which is constantly updated and available to all members. This is what our sister organizations do, and it’s a way to keep our dues and expenses under control.
Finally, the Board spent much time updating the Policies and Procedures Manual. This is the bible for all volunteer positions in the organization and a blueprint for how to carry out every job within BATW.
As we celebrate spring and the blessings bestowed upon us as travel professionals, let’s remember to pitch in and help. A team effort will ensure that BATW roars right through spring and beyond.
—Ginny Prior, BATW President


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