From the Presidents: February 2017

Molly Blaisdell

Tom Wilmer
Tom Wilmer

A message from the incoming BATW Co-Presidents Molly Blaisdell and Tom Wilmer
It’s a new year and our esteemed President Suzie Rodriguez has passed the baton.
Few members are aware of the hundreds upon hundreds of hours Ms. Rodriguez invested in developing and refining the infrastructure of BATW—from developing an entirely new web management system to propelling the monthly meetings to new heights of professional development that are engaging, pertinent and invaluable to virtually every member. We doff our hats and bow down to Suzie—THANK YOU!!!
As your newly elected BATW Co-Presidents, it is our mission to continue developing BATW as the premier organization for West Coast travel media professionals.
Many people assume the geographic reach of BATW membership is described by the bounds of the greater Bay Area. Our membership reach actually spans the length and breadth of California, from Redding to Sacramento, over to Mammoth Lakes on the Eastern flank of Sierras, down to Palm Springs, Orange County, and across the border to Phoenix, Arizona.
BATW relies on volunteers to staff the Board of Directors, committee chairs, greeters at monthly meetings and much more.
The engine that drives BATW as a viable organization is 99% volunteer driven. The time has now come to put the call out for members to offer their volunteer services on committees and outreach endeavors.
When you attend the monthly meetings, seek out a Board member and discuss ways your talents and skills might be harnessed by serving on committees and targeted programs such as social media outreach, membership drive, etc.
We need and rely on you and your skills to propel BATW as the premier travel media organization in the West.
Molly Blaisdell & Tom Wilmer


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