Call for Submissions: BATW's Latest Book on Life-Altering Trips

This year, BATW will again be publishing an anthology of top-notch work done by our members. This year’s book will focus on once-in-a-lifetime journeys. The committee working on the book hasn’t yet finalized the title, but it’ll likely be something along the lines of Unforgettable: Life-Altering TripsAnd so, it’ll be about travel that has hit you hard, that has shifted how you think and feel about the world.
You may already have a piece that fits the bill – or you may not. Both unpublished and previously published works are eligible, and will be judged blind by some distinguished, external writer-editors. Please ensure, with previously published work, that you have the right to republish. With work that hasn’t yet gone through the editorial wringer, we’re asking that you have a word-savvy friend scrutinize the work, give you some feedback, before submitting.
We’d prefer that submissions clock in at less than 1,600 words, but if you have a longer piece that can justify its heft, please submit it, and the judges will review it. It’d be nice to have some really short pieces, too, to vary the rhythm. As in the old Ford ads, Quality is Job 1 here – we want to print a variety of the best work our members have produced.
This year, the anthology’s format will differ some from those produced in past few years. It will be more book-sized than magazine-sized. Another new departure: Georgia Hesse, the founding editor of the San Francisco Examiner‘s travel section and longtime travel editor of the Chronicle, has agreed to help us choose a story to honor with a prize bearing her name. We’ll be working to get the book out in time for this year’s holiday party – and the first winner of the Georgia Hesse prize will be announced then.
For cost reasons, we’ll be printing in black-and-white, and welcome the submission of images that will work well in that format, either to accompany a particular story or, when captioned, to speak directly to the theme. We’re also looking for a killer cover image, and would love it if a member’s shot fit the bill.
The Call for Submissions will go out shortly, by email, giving chapter-and-verse on formatting for text and images. We’re looking to receive all submissions soon, by May Day, May 1, so get thinking about those exceptional travels that opened you up, turned you around, disappointed you, educated or elated you.
This is a volunteer-driven project. Two members, both of whom happen to be named Jim, have been kind enough to offer to receive the submitted entries – Jim Gebbie will shepherd the pieces to the judges, Jim Shubin will handle intake of the images. Erin Caslavka and Suzie Rodriguez have also taken the time out from busy schedules to offer input based on past year’s projects, but, of course, should bear no blame for the choices made this time around! Board member Molly Blaisdell helped to put the prize idea to Georgia.
If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please feel free to contact any member of the committee gathered to work on the book, Judith Horstman, Karen Misuraca, Alec Scott and Amy Sherman. Good luck!


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