From the Board – September, 2012

To: The BATW General Membership
At the end of 2012, I’ll be relinquishing my duties as Events & Programs Chair for BATW. After 24 months of planning our monthly meetings, I think it only fair to pass the baton to someone else to enable them to have the opportunity to put their “stamp” on the organization.
When I first joined BATW in late 2010, I learned about the position of Events & Programs Chair being available in January of the following year, and thought it would be a good way for me to get to know others within the organization, as well as to make contacts within the travel industry. And was I right!
I have come to know a great many individuals whom I would never have otherwise met, as well as having had the chance to address some of the topics that are of interest to me and my fellow travel writers.
Because so many people within the industry are interested and enthusiastic about working more closely with BATW, I already have several events lined up for the coming year. So whoever ends up taking over the position will go into it with about four months’ worth of meetings planned in advance. But regardless, the “on-the-job” training you’ll get will prove to be an invaluable skill set that will pay you dividends in ways you won’t even expect.
This is an organization comprised of volunteers who act in a variety of positions to make our group such a strong, vibrant, and vital part of the Bay Area. I would highly encourage and support any of you to join the board next year in the capacity of Events & Programs Chair, and can guarantee you it will be an experience you will always treasure.
— Erin Caslavka


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