From the Board: July 2017

This month, let’s all think about how we can help each other with our various professional endeavors. Many of us have blogs, websites and books that need constant promotion. On Facebook, it provides a big boost when you share a post because it takes the message to a whole new group of people. Retweeting has the same effect. Liking on Facebook has the benefit of giving the person a virtual pat on the back. Be generous with sharing, retweeting and liking. Our Corporate Members can help as well, by additionally posting links to our articles on their own websites or on the particular client’s site. I know some of you do these things already, but many more of you don’t or maybe aren’t even aware of how easy it is to do and of the benefits you can bestow.
We hope to see you at July’s BATW meeting at Sabio restaurant in Pleasanton. Sabio is closing the restaurant and preparing and hosting this special lunch just for us! BATW Corporate Member Tom Walton facilitated the entire event, making my job as coordinator a snap! Sign-ups will be sent soon.
—Carole Terwilliger Meyers, BATW Board Member


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