From the Board – July 2014

New BATW E-Book Update

Articles and photos from 35 BATW members poured in before the June 15 deadline, ensuring that our e-book, to be published in the fall, will be at least 70 handsome pages (35 two-page spreads) filled with scores of evocative stories and images. Fellow Board members Laurie McAndish King and Jim Shubin and I will be preparing the e-book in the coming months. As noted in last month’s “From the Board” column, the book will be in four-color and downloadable as a PDF or print-on-demand book to anyone in the known world (or Mars if your WiFi signal is strong enough)—a nice showcase of BATW members’ work.
And a diverse showcase it will be, as readers will be transported in words and pictures from the shores of San Juan Bautista and Sri Lanka to the mountains of Alberta and Afghanistan, plus essays that will make you laugh, cry and empathize. I’ve been impressed by the talent of BATW writers and the wide range of styles—from hard-hitting service pieces to airy riffs on the inner joys of travel. Meanwhile, Laurie and Jim have been admiring your photo submissions.
Laurie reports: “The last batch we received contained some beauties, including Lisa Alpine’s photo of a young woman in a bikini swimming with a dolphin, Carol Canter’s graphic shot of an Amazon butterfly, Jim Nevill’s stunning landscapes, Carolyn Hanson’s iconic Land’s End shots, Ann Jackson’s gorgeous Big Sur and garden shots, Stephanie Levin’s hound in hat and glasses, and arresting travel portraits from Diane LeBow.”
—Bob Cooper


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