From the Board: July 2016

Bill Scull, Board member and photography workshop presenter, offers new details of the event:
I hope you are able to attend the BATW July meeting. I’ll be leading a photography workshop and photo shoot on the edge of the beautiful San Francisco Bay. All skill levels and camera types welcome!
The setting is spectacular. We will meet in that historic building you may have admired on the edge of Crissy Field in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point: the 100-year-old Main Boathouse originally used by the US Life Saving Service (predecessor of the US Coast Guard), now the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center.
To be a master travel photographer you need to have mad compositions skills, be a strong storyteller, and understand the technical aspects of capturing photographic images. As with writing, one must know how to say something effectively, have something interesting to say, and say it in a technically competent way.
But all too often, photo workshops focus on technical aspects of camera craft and how to edit images. While both topics are important to total mastery, these technical topics can clog our brain, overwhelming the creative part of our brain that delivers amazing images and stories.
So, in this workshop we’ll let our creative brains out to play. After the workshop, your logical brains can study the handout I’ll provide that points to great online resources to answer questions like: Which camera should I buy? How can I better understand my camera? What are some good online tutorials to learn photo editing? Which photo editing software should I use?
In this 75-minute workshop, I will cover the following topics: composition, use of color, light, narrative lines, humor including irony, point of view, and visual storytelling. This content draws on lectures I have prepared over the years for travel photography workshops I have led on behalf of different land- and cruise-based travel organizations.
After the meeting, those interested in immediately applying their new skills can go out shooting with me to the nearby Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point. Bring your camera and your creative eye!
I hope you can attend this meeting in the historic Main Boathouse, beautifully set on edge of the bay with the promise of having fun and learning some powerful, new ways to make dramatic images.


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