From the Board – March, 2012

From Anthology Chair Elisa Southard:
You’ve waited long enough! From the Call for Entries to the back-cover copy, the judging, compiling and creating of BATW’s first anthology has been as much an adventure as the stories themselves. Now it’s time to say Bravo! and Brava! to the members whose tales will appear in Travel Stories from Around the Globe.
As President Ginny Prior says in the book’s opening pages, “The stories in this anthology are meant to inspire you to seek out and celebrate adventure—whether it’s in a far off land or just down the road from your home.”
Here are the writers and the stories that will jumpstart your journey. (See below on how to purchase a copy–a real deal at $12.95!)
Inga Aksamit — “Bear Encounters on the Chilkoot Trail”
Lisa Alpine — “Rada’s Bloom,” “The Blue Eye”
Kris Carber — “Beppu”
Erin Caslavka — “The Legend of Sleepy Da”
Laura Deutsch — “The Rhythms of Arezzo”
Georgia Hesse — “Romancing the Rails” and “Where the Bogarts & Hemingways Play”
Laurie McAndish King — “Silk from Ashes”
Diane LeBow — “An Italian Bedtime Story” and “Infelicities of Travel: Gems Among the Ruins”
Kimberley Lovato — “Lost and Liberated”
Mary Jo McConahay — “Conquest in Bat River Cave”
Karen Misuraca — “A Warm December in Old Québec”
April Orcutt — “A Roundabout Way to Get Some Sleep” and “Tibetan Bargain With a Twist”
David Page — “When Travel Goes Wrong, or the Importance of the Nadir”
Mija Riedel — “Curve, Swivel, and Roll—Dancing with Aunty Ku’ulei”
Jill Robinson — “Island Groupies for President Jimmy”
Anne Sigmon — “Toboggans and Bouzouki Music”
Sandy Sims — “A Touch of Amore”
Elisa Southard — “Crossing the Travel Threshold”
Kristin Zibell — “Color Within the Lines”
The story of this anthology is, of course, incomplete without a word on the judging process: Each judge received a packet of stories coded by number only, ensuring a blind reading. The judging criteria included originality, creativity, accuracy and appropriateness for general readership.
The judges scored each of the stories individually, and returned them to the Anthology Committee, who tallied up the scores for each one. Once it was determined which stories would be included based on their total accumulated points, the compiled stories were organized based on destination. In keeping with the goal of having both an e-book and a printed book, the experienced eyes and hands of Jim Shubin and Laurie McAndish King guided us through the publishing process.
Thank you to the judges who volunteered their time and brought their expertise to the page: Julia Cosgrove, John Flinn and Janet Fullwood. And thank you to Don George, who contributed the Introduction.
The launch is set for March 17th, 10 a.m. at Book Passage in Corte Madera. Travel Stories from Around the Globe is something you will want to celebrate and have in your personal collection. RSVP for the launch today.
How to Purchase a Copy:
The URL for buying the book is:
Or use this shorter one, which goes to the same place:


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